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ParlerLas Vegas, NV19d ago

All applicants that are not able to work in our office, in Las Vegas, NV will be ignored. We are not interested in recruiters, teams, freelancers, contractors, off-shore, off-shore with an American handler, or anything other than a local WordPress Developer with a proven track record that can work in our office daily, here in Las Vegas, Nevada.

Do you live and breathe WordPress development? Do you dream custom post types? Do you cringe when you take on a new project and see that the site is using the latest page builder theme/plugin and say “why didn’t they just use custom meta?”. Do you laugh when you hear others suggest Joomla or Drupal? Great, keep reading, you might just be exactly who we’re looking for.

We are a social media platform, based in Las Vegas. Our existing team works tirelessly to build the future of our company and our goal is to provide a quality user experience to our quickly growing user base. For this reason, we will be critical of our choice for this position. We are not only looking for skill, but also experience and mindset. Our company offers competitive pay and benefits and we are looking to hire someone immediately. We are looking to add an experienced Las Vegas WordPress developer to our team as soon as possible.

We’re looking for a seasoned WordPress Developer that has at least 4 years of WordPress Development experience. We need more than an ability to pick and stick a theme. We are looking for someone who will become part of our existing team that can contribute to the success of our company. If you love WordPress development, we want to talk to you!

Minimum Technical Requirements

  • Demonstrable WordPress knowledge
  • Custom theme development
  • Custom plugin development
  • Ability to create Custom Post Types from without the use of plugins
  • Ability to create Custom Post Meta from without the use of plugins
  • Ability to create Custom Taxonomies from without the use of plugins
  • Proper foresight when architecting custom post types and custom meta
  • Proper code commenting and more importantly, readable code
  • Basic JavaScript and jQuery knowledge
  • Medium-advanced php knowledge
  • Medium-advanced HTML and css knowledge

Preferred Technical Qualities

  • Git experience
  • Experience with project management tools (ex: GitLab, Jira, Teamwork, etc.)

Minimum Professional Requirements

  • Diligent with work
  • Ability to meet deadlines
  • Ability to accept feedback and criticisms (thin skin gets damaged quickly amongst honest peers)
  • Internal communication skills
  • Ability to take a Nerf bullet to the chest and still get work completed
  • Ability to laugh at jokes
  • Ability to change course at any given time when the customer needs demand it.

Preferred Professional Requirements

  • Customer service and communication skills
  • Ability to share feedback on ideas and discussions

In short, we want someone that is awesome, hard working, intelligent and has a good attitude that will become another awesome team member in the office.

You will enjoy your job and you will enjoy being a part of our team. You will be required to buckle down and bust your hump, but you will be rewarded with a competitive compensation package and you will get to work at that type of company that you keep hearing about, but have never had a chance to actually get to work at. You will get to work on a really awesome project, at a time in our lives when it’s needed most. You will be home.

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